Electrical Control Panels

We offer a wide range of reliable and quality electrical control panels designs and accessories that can meet specific need. Our panels are adopted to the latest technology and are very durable.

Product Range:


  • LV & MV Switch Gear Panels
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels (APFC)
  • Power Control Centre (PCC)
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Relay, Metering & Annunciation Panels
  • Turbine & Diesel Generator (DG) Control Panels
  • Synchronization Panels
  • Auto Mains Failure Panels (AMF)

General Unique Features of Our Panels:

  • All our panels are made with International Standards
  • Verification of using in-house/customized software
  • All our designs and Installations are well protected against electric shock. They also have the integrity of protective circuit.
  • Highest possible degree of safety and performance.

Some of the standard capacities of our APFC panels in stock ranges from Capacitor Panel – 50KVAR to Capacitor Panel – 500KVAR. We can also provide custom made power factor correction system for both industrial and commercial applications.

LV Panels:

  • LT Panels (415V) complying to IEC 61439 and 61641 standards
  • Panels up to 100kA breaking capacity
  • Panels up to 6300A
  • Copper and Aluminum busbar
  • Forms of internal separation up to 4b
  • Flexible designs
  • Panel up to IP65 protection
  • Usage of Schneider, ABB, L&T, Siemens and Mitsubishi Electric breakers
  • Specialized panels for different applications

MV Panels

  • MV panels (11kV) complying to IS 8623 standards
  • Panels up to 2000 A
  • Copper and Aluminum busbar
  • Flexible and adoptable designs
  • Panels up to IP55 protection
  • System house for ABB breakers
  • Specialized panels for different applications

Our MV panels can be deployed to industries, commercial complex, residential apartments, infrastructure, hospitals and hotels, power generation stations and many others.