How it works

  • First, your facility must be bulk metered i.e you use a maximum Demand meter on which you will pay bills After monthly usage.
  • Our team of engineers will install our prepaid single/three phase Split STS meters in each of your apartments.
  • We will then install one meter to cater for perimeter lights, water pumps, and elevator. The basic is to get an accurate and adequate information about power usage.
  • With the use of our UPVS (Ultimate Vending Software) we will create a platform where you will sell electricity to your tenants through a prepaid mode of payment. This software will generate authorization tokens which will be printed and sent as sms to any tenant who comes to pay for power. (Online payment can also be enabled). The prepaid mode of payment allows the facility owner to stay debt free works, we configure the
  • UPVS to deduct a specified amount as service charge when a tenant is paying for power. Example: If service charge is N3000 monthly and a tenant comes to buy electricity of N6000, the system you can retrieve all payments without hassles or stress.
  • If you decide to provide other forms of electricity like a generating system or solar generation grid, we can as well connect this to the meter and usage would be on prepaid mode too.
  • One UPVS software installed for you, can drive severally other facility which you own remotely without any constraint of location.