Metering and Automation Solutions

Metering and Automation Solutions

Tinuten Nigeria Limited is licensed to design, manufacture and install meter in Nigeria. We have provided various solutions related to meter system across Nigeria. We are also a one stop station for all industrial automation and control engineering services. TNL offers a cloud based Integrated Energy Metering, management and monitoring solution which:

Metering and Automation Solutions

  • Generates up to 30 % Energy Savings as well as Operational Maintenance Savings to deliver a payback in very short period.
  • An Industrial “internet of things” platform that helps Industrial and Commercial energy consumers to monitor, analyze and reduce their cost of energy.
  • A low cost, highly scalable smart grid infrastructure that helps DISCOs to reduce costs by managing their load and assets more efficiently.
  • A Renewable Energy Management and Smart Micro Grid platform, which helps owners to optimize the yield from “green” energy and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Smart and accurate meter that can be used for metering water and gas consumption in a given facility.

TNL Metering and Sub-Metering Solution

Sub-metering is a system that involves the use of a vending management software and prepayment meters to manage and calculate the accurate consumption of electricity, water or gas in individual apartments of a multi-tenant facility. Having observed some of the problems associated with the management of utility in multi-tenant facilities, we believe that our sub-metering solution is a perfect fit for facility managers, facility owners, estate developers and other handlers of multi-tenant facilities.

Listed below are some of the problems that can be avoided or controlled, when you choose the UPSS:

  • Leakages and energy theft
  • Meter tampering
  • Estimated or inaccurate billing from disco
  • Occupants piling debts on the facility
  • Wastage
  • Conflict from tenants over utility consumption

See Our Meters

DDSY23S-G single-phase

The DDSY23S-G single-phase DIN rail STS prepayment meter consists of a MCU and a UIU, which communicate via PLC/RF/cable. User may query MCU data and input token through a UIU installed in households. Its two­ element dual measurement proves strong anti­ tamper performance. The meter connection is bottom-in and bottom-out.

DDSY23S-F single-phase

The DDSY23S-F single-phase DIN rail STS prepayment meter is developed according to IEC62055-31 and STS certified. It switches between the prepaid and post-paid modes and incorporates an optical port compliant with IEC62056-21. Dual measurement is adopted. Wired/RF/PLC UIUs are optional.

DDSY23S-D Single-phase
DDSY23S-D Single-phase

The DDSY23S-D single-phase STS prepayment meter is developed according to IEC62055-31 and STS certified. It adopts dual measurements and raises the bar on tamper detection. It supports pluggable COM modules such as RF, GPRS/3G & PLC. This DLMS/COSEM compliant meter can be disconnected or reconnected remotely. It switches between the prepaid and post-paid modes and allows remote and local top up.

DTSY23S-B Three-phase
DTSY23S-B Three-phase

The DTSY23S-B three-phase four-wire STS prepayment meter complies with the international STS and DLMS/COSEM. It can be integrated into Star prepayment system and Star AMI system with hot-pluggable RF, GPRS/3G and PLC modules.

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