Power and Distribution Infrastructures

Power & Distribution Infrastructures

Transmission & Distribution (“T&D”) infrastructure is the backbone of the electric power system as it facilitates the delivery of electricity from power plants to the end customers. Energy is produced at electrical generating (power) plants at a relatively low voltage. To prepare this power for transport, its voltage level is increased by transformers to reduce energy loss during transportation along transmission lines. Transmission lines carry electricity between regions to substations, where the voltage level is reduced (or “stepped down”) so that it can be distributed to end users, including residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Prior to end user delivery, distribution transformers decrease the voltage in order to safely distribute electricity to end users. Distribution lines then deliver electricity through overhead or underground power lines, while metering systems measure and record the locations and amounts of power transmitted.

At TNL, we are involved in the entire process from the power generation to transmission and distribution. In collaboration with our foreign and indigenous technical and OEM partners, we have become one of the leading suppliers, contractors and manufacturers of power transmission and distribution equipment including circuit breakers, metering panel, cables, compact cabinets, conductors, and power network equipment. We aimed at becoming the leading provider of electricity products and services in Africa. With a touch of innovation, creativity and excellence service deliveries, we exhibit a strong adherence to process and regulations in power services with uncompromising integrity in our engagements with clients and associates.

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Distribution Transformer: KE Electric is our main manufacturing partner and it covers a wide range of Dry type and Oil cooled transformers with Off Circuit Tap Links/On Load Tap Changer. The design conforms to the international standards of quality and safety for commercial and industrial set-ups. We also have the capacity to sell other brands of Transformers based on the client’s request and as the situation demands.

Some of the types of Transformer we offer are:

  • Oil Cooled on Load Tap Changer (OLTC) Transformer up to 15MVA
  • Oil Cooled Off Circuit Tap Links (OCTL) Transformers up to 15MVA
  • Dry Type Transformer with OLTC up to 2.5MVA
  • Dry Transformer with OCTL up to 2.5MVA

Oil Cooled Transformer with Built-in Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

  • LT Cables
  • HT Cables
  • Communication Cables
  • Data Center Cables
  • HV Insulators
  • Metering Systems
  • APFC Units
  • Switchgear
  • RMU
  • Overhead Line Accessories
  • Grounding Systems

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