Procurement and Supply Management

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Procurement & Supply Management

As the world enters a technology-driven energy transition, energy enterprises will rely more and more on their procurement and supply-management capabilities to meet cost targets, secure supplies, improve safety and reliability, innovate, and optimize the total cost of ownership. Using our proven tools and approaches, we work hand in hand with clients to equip them for success in a challenging landscape.

We help clients unlock the potential from new value levers across all spend areas, and de-risk and sustain value capture through advanced capabilities and techniques. We help them build operating models for the future based on effective cross-functional partnerships, and integrate emerging digital and analytical technologies to boost efficiency, generate insights, and uncover new opportunities. We also help them develop new skills, manage talent, and transform their culture and organization to achieve industry-leading performance and long-term impact.

TNL helps utilities and independent power producers to become world-class purchasing leaders by adopting advanced procurement and supply-management capabilities across all materials, services, operating, and capital-spending categories.

Furthermore, TNL is a one stop station for all power and energy related material, equipment and infrastructural procurement, sales, and supply. We have served many companies in the past, and we keep repositioning our company to ensure all our products and services are delivered with a full touch of professionalism and excellence. Our clients just define their procurement and supply needs, and we go all out to facilitate and ensure those needs are met within a very short time possible and at the most effective cost.

Besides, we have partnership with some of the manufacturers of electrical materials within and outside the country to offer sales and distribution services to corporate and private companies of all domestic and industrial electrical materials: Cables and Wires, Distribution Boards (including MCB), Switches, Bulbs (energy saving and LED) and many more. Our company has business understanding with Skyrun and other major brands in electrical material industry. So, our company is well positioned to offer sales and supplies of Skyrun brands and other major brands in the electrical material market at a highly competitive price.