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Project Management

Tinuten Nigeria Limited engages in various aspects of engineering projects such as Independent Power Generation; Engineering Designs, Procurement and Construction (EPC); Transmission Line Maintenance Service among others.

TNL, one of the leading Independent Power Project (IPP) mangers in Nigeria, has established a reputation as a reliable provider of value to its customers. We offer technical skills required to successfully deliver power projects on Engineering Procurement and Construction and the necessary expertise to deal with all technical, health, environmental, community matters. We provide Turn-key Solution and we are experienced in various areas of power generation, development, maintenance and operation.

TNL as a well experienced EPC contractor, undertakes construction works by the private sector on large-scale and complex infrastructure projects. We coordinate all design, procurement and construction work, ensures that the whole project is completed as required and in time.  We deliver a complete facility (turnkey construction contract) and for a guaranteed price by a guaranteed date with effective performance to the specified level.

Our offerings

Our offerings in Power Generation - Independent Power Projects (IPP) are

Solar Power Plants Installation and Maintenance (Off Grid and Grid Tied Solar Systems).
Gas Based Power Plants Installation and Maintenance.
Hydro Power plants.
Wind Turbine Power plants.
Hybrid Power Plants Installation and Maintenance.

Our offerings in Transmission Line Maintenance are

Our Transmission Line Maintenance solution reduces the operational costs and extend the life span of transmission lines. We deliver end-to-end asset management solutions customized to the business needs of our clients, using the latest technology to provide vital information about the transmission lines. This helps to ensure the reliability, and reduces the risks associated with the operations.

Our maintenance services include

Condition assessments for all line types plus substation gantry areas.
Earthling repairs.
Both timber and steel cross-arm replacements.
Insulator fitting replacement on poles or structures.
High voltage pole replacements.
Line construction and OPGW installation.
Emergency repairs and spares.