Renewable Energy Solutions

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Renewable Energy Solutions

With fast depleting stocks of fossil fuels and efforts to save the environment from the deadly emissions, we have embarked upon harnessing the solar energy for a wide range of power demands. TNL is a frontier and leader in clean energy design, supply and installation across Africa. We make clean energy available to both households and corporate establishments at far lesser cost than the cost of energy generated by conventional burning of fossil fuels. Furthermore, utilizing solar power creates zero emissions and minimizes the collective dependence on fossil fuels. It is renewable and so it is sustainable, it is cheaper, healthier and safer for the user and for the environment. That’s a lot of “wins.”

TNL Offerings for Solar Power are

Retail Products
  • We have plug and play solar solutions for rural homes with power rating between 10W and 125W
  • Solar Street Light
  • Solar home system from 250W to 10kW
Commercial and Industrial
  • We have solar solutions for Bank ATMs, Communication, and Telecommunication Towers/Base Stations
  • Solar System for commercial segments and outfit
  • Solar and Diesel Generator (DG) hybrid system (Industrial)
Solar Farms
  • Construction of turnkey solar power plants from 500kW to 100mW (off grid and grid-tied).
  • Consultancy, Advisory and Planning Services