Power Backups

UPS Systems

In today’s corporations with wide spread use of information systems, networks and telecommunications, it is essential that the supply which powers critical system (s) is/are always clean and reliable, otherwise the result will be costly downtime and possible data loss. Insufficient or excess voltage, noise, fluctuations in frequency and wave distortion can be as harmful to modern electronic devices as power outages.

On-line dual conversion technology supplies protected devices with perfectly dependable sinusoidal energy, no matter what the quality of the incoming power supply, offering the best form of protection for all critical loads. Our UPS uses this technology to offer the best possible protection for all critical systems.

We have various series of these products in stock that we can offer based on the client’s requirements.


  • Advanced DSP/Microprocessor Design
  • Application of SPWM Technology in the design
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Active Power Factor – input 0.96
  • High Efficiency-Cold Start features
  • Rack and Floor mount models
  • Versatile communication options
  • SNMP Interface
  • Web enabled monitoring
  • Parallel redundant configuration
  • Galvanic isolation option
  • Extended battery back-up time option

This design can be used for ATM; Server Farms, Data Centre; Medical Equipment; Telecommunication Equipment; Switching and Communication devices; Process industry; Communication equipment; Computers; Hotels; Textile Machinery; Lifts, Elevators; Industrial Automation; and for Network Power Protection among others.

Other power backup solutions we offer are Solar Hybrid Inverter and Batteries. Our Battery product ranges are Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA), Energy Storage Batteries, Lead Carbon Batteries and Lithium-Ion Batteries.

As a proactive supplier, we continue to adopt new technology and add more product ranges to meet specific requirement of our clients. We have also established an effective dealership network in Nigeria in order to ensure our supply chain becomes more reliable.