Power Conditioning Systems

  • Industrial Servo Voltage Stabilizer (AVR)


Voltage variations in supply line have become a common phenomenon causing havoc to sophisticated equipment like Computers, CNC Machines, Medical Equipment, Telecommunication Equipment, Industrial Automation, Communication Equipment, Military Equipment and so on. Our Servo Stabilizers manufactured by our foreign partners are designed to deliver a constant voltage, which remains within a very narrow band of +-1% of the nominal Voltage, thereby preventing failure of the connected load due to the aberrations in the supply line Voltage. The proven technology that combines solid electrical engineering ensures a continuous, smooth and very stable output Voltage irrespective of the supply voltage, load current or/and other circumstance.

  • Basic Principle of Operation

Our Servo Stabilizer employs a motor-driven variable Transformer feeding the primary winding of a line Transformer, for providing load safe Voltage at the output. The output Voltage is monitored by an electronic sensor and whenever the stabilized output Voltage deviates from the set value due to a supply Voltage or load current, the sensor energizes the motor to rotate the variable Transformer brush gear until the desirable Voltage is restored. This method of stabilization inherently produces no harmonics and therefore no additional harmonics is injected into the incoming supply. The durability and low cost of ownership make our servo Voltage stabilizers a very economical and reliable solution.

TNL_Industrial Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Basic Features

  • No waveform distortion
  • Speed of correction up to 35V/sec
  • Response time-less than 20msec
  • Power loss 2% max
  • Immune to load PF & supply
  • Frequency variation

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