Power Protection Systems

TNL partners Protection Technology Group for Surge protection solutions. Our Surge protection devices keep power and data equipment protected from power anomalies and lightening problems. We offer many protection products to cover a series of markets such as Telecommunications, Security, Rail Transportation, Medical, Energy, Military, Data Equipment and many others.

Our various Power Protection Systems Designs are:

Coaxial RF Protection                                                                     

  • Ultra-Low PIM
  • DC Block
  • DC Pass
  • Grounding and Accessories

Data Line Surge Protection

  • Multi-Protocol Protectors
  • PoE Protectors
  • GbE Protectors
  • T1/E1 Protectors
  • CCTV/Satellite Protectors
  • Low Voltage Signal Protectors

AC Surge Protection

  • Panel Protectors
  • Plug-In Protectors
  • Component Protectors

DC Surge Protection

  • Component Protectors
  • Outdoor Protectors