Unique Benefits of UPSS

Sustainable Method Of Providing 24hrs Electricity

  • Ease of incorporating the cost of providing alternative source of electricity into the tariff system to ensure revenue can be recouped and recycled.

Efficient Electricity Management System

  • It gives the ability to efficiently measure electricity consumption.
  • This way you get to know if there’s any wastage, meter by-pass or tampering, energy theft, leakages and also inaccurate calibration.

Cross Payment Functionality: Online Vending

  • Occupant of the proposed facility can pay bills online from the comfort of their homes, offices and even from location outside Nigeria. Simply by using their credit cards or wallets

Guaranteed 100% Revenue Collection

  • Revenue protection and debt-free guarantee due to the fact that occupants are charged on a prepaid mode, therefore ensuring payment is made before usage.

Manage and Control Your Facility Remotely

  • The UPVS is a cloud-based platform, therefore you can view and control your facility from anywhere by simply login to your dashboard

Manage Multiple Facilities On One Dashboard

  • With the UPVS you can manage multiple facilities under your control from a single dashboard, regardless of location.

Access To Previous 10 Years Vending History

  • With this system you can view previous utility vending history of all occupants. This may be necessary for decision making and conflict resolution.


  • Usually people try to tamper with meters installed within their apartment. But with this software, no tamper is allowed. A signal is sent as soon as the meter is tempered with and it automatically trips off. It will require a clear tamper code which is domiciled with only an authorized person before such meter will be able to function again. Most facilities charge a fine for any form of tampering